Friday, March 23, 2018 | Video

White House shake-up: Trump FIRES McMaster, Brings in Bush's U.N. Ambassador John Bolton
  • 'I am very thankful for the service,' Trump says.
Disney Eliminates Iconic Blasters in New Star Wars Movie Posters
  • Hollywood continues to kowtow to anti-gun left.
Infowars Reporter Confronts City Council Over Masked Antifa
  • Armed Antifa members intimidated reporter at Kate Steinle memorial.
Revealed: Forced Sterilization Programs in California Harmed More Than 20K From 1918 to 1953

Latinas disproportionately targeted

Watch: Antifa Assaults Trump Supporters at Arizona State University

Commies triggered by posters honoring Americans killed by illegal immigrants.

Citigroup Imposes Restrictions on Client Gun Sales

Company's Chief Executive Officer defends anti-gun policy in email provided exclusively to Infowars.

Hey McCabe, Here's What I Think of Your 'Memos'

Pass me a good-sized pile every 8 to 14 hours...

Youtube’s Censorship Not Much Different Than Turkey's

Youtube's purge of anti-establishment voices similar to censorship inside Muslim nation

Trump Warns Weak, Crazy Joe Biden: ‘He Would Go Down Fast, Crying’

‘Don’t threaten people Joe!’

Trump's Lead Lawyer Resigns In Wake Of Mueller's Expanding Russia Probe

Is Trump preparing to fight back against Mueller?

Watch: China Declares of War on United States
Watch: China Declares of War on United States
  • China launches trade war in response to Trump tariffs.



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House Intel Votes To Shut Down Russia Investigation, Release Final Report

By: Chuck Ross | Daily Caller 13 hours ago

Voted along party lines Thursday to formally end panel’s Russia probe.

The Truth About the Facebook Scandal

By: Kit Daniels | 13 hours ago

Facebook didn't care when user data helped Obama

Leaked Audio Reveals Broward Co. Teachers Planning to Illegally Storm the White House

By: Laura Loomer | 13 hours ago

Audio confirms Parkland students being given scripted liberal talking points to push gun control.

A Week of Jihad In Florida: Murders, Stabbings, a Car Bombing, a Terror Conviction

By: Dan Lyman 14 hours ago

Islamists wreaking havoc in the Sunshine State

How Trump Can Prompt Mueller to Resign

By: Jerome Corsi | 14 hours ago

Mueller's role in Uranium One cover-up undermines remaining credibility

Rand Paul: 'Deep State Is Trying To Bring Trump Down'

By: Steve Watson | 15 hours ago

"The deep state is the intelligence agencies that do not have oversight"

Police Release Footage of Fatal Uber Self-Driving Car Accident

By: Mikael Thalen | 15 hours ago

'It’s very clear it would have been difficult to avoid this collision...' Tempe police chief says

Watch Live: YouTube Bans All Firearm Videos Days Before Anti-Gun March

By: 16 hours ago

Elite going after free speech and gun rights simultaneously.

Swedish Study: Vast Majority of Gang Rapists Have Migrant Background

By: Paul Joseph Watson |

New figures highlight severity of the problem.

Merkel Pushes for EU Common Asylum System After Inviting Millions of Migrants to Europe

By: Breitbart

“I know that the EU-Turkey agreement has many opponents. But I will defend it,” Merkel said.