Wednesday, June 20, 2018 | Video

Texas Billboard Tells Liberals: Keep Going ‘Until You Have Left Our Great State’
  • 'Please continue on I-40 until you have left...'
Shock Video: Catholic Priest Slaps Infant In Face!
  • Just a small example of abuse going on in the Catholic Church
Keeping Families Together Not Enough – Liberals Demand Amnesty Now!
  • 'It is time to end family detention once and for all'
Outrage After Twitter Ignores Peter Fonda’s Shocking Barron, Rape Comments

Roger Stone banned from platform for much less

Epic Video: Trump Mocks Democrats’ Lack of Action on Immigration

'Don’t worry, the Republicans, and your President, will fix it!'

Hungary Passes ‘Stop Soros’ Law Criminalizing Aid To Illegal Migrants

Violators could face a year in prison

Trump Signs Executive Order Keeping Illegal Immigrant Families Together

President acts where previous administrations have failed

FAKE NEWS ALERT: ABC NEWS Claims Manafort Pled Guilty to Manslaughter

'There simply is no excuse for this sort of mistake'

Hypocrisy: Obama Leverages Illegal Detentions to Campaign Against Trump

Former president conveniently forgets he kept illegal children in cages

Farage to Trump: ‘Ignore All The Screams’ From MSM on Immigration

Trump was elected to deal with illegal immigration, he says


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Rush Limbaugh Warns: ‘If the Media Keeps Generating This Hysteria, Somebody’s Gonna Get Killed’

By: Paul Joseph Watson | 6 hours ago

" The news media's fanning the flames"

Anti-U.S. Propaganda Has ‘Disappeared’ From North Korea, Tour Guides Say

By: Mikael Thalen | 7 hours ago

'In five years working in North Korea, I’ve never seen them completely disappear before'

Austinites Believe Trump Should Get The Nobel Peace Prize

By: Owen Shroyer | 7 hours ago

POTUS receiving praise for North Korea negotiations

Home-Grown Terror Attacks on the Rise in Europe

By: 7 hours ago

Number of attacks & foiled plots more than doubled since last year

EU Votes For Memes Ban And Censorship Machines — What Now?

By: The Next Web 7 hours ago

The European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs just voted ‘yes’ on highly controversial new Copyright Reform

Melania Trump Calls Secret Service After Peter Fonda Threatens Barron With Pedophiles

By: 8 hours ago

Deranged threats by the left reaches fever pitch

MSN & Snopes Caught In Blatant Lie Against Trump

By: Rob Dew | 8 hours ago

Establishment media can't stop pushing fake news

Starbucks Admits: Can’t Make Profit in Blue States!

By: Kit Daniels | 8 hours ago

Starbucks expanding in red states with lower taxes

Jim Carrey ‘Art’: Trump Devours Immigrant Baby Limbs


Left going ballistic over Trump's action on illegal immigration

Actor Peter Fonda Calls For Stalking Border Patrol Agent’s Children

By: Alex Jones |

Call for harm on children advocated by leftist