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Video: Tucker Battles Progressive on Gas Price Hikes
  • 'What kind of sick person do you have to be to attack someone for what you’re calling for?' he asks
Trump: We’re Having ‘Very Productive Talks’ with N. Korea on Reinstating Summit
  • New talks between leaders quickly follow Trump's abrupt cancellation of meeting
North Korea’s Kim Jong Un meets with South’s Moon Jae-in for 2nd time
  • Trump's decision to pull out of summit with Kim came just days after he hosted Moon in White House meeting
Is Government Building SECRET Tunnels Under America To Prepare For WW3?

Mysterious lights, sounds across country has residents wondering

What Will Happen to Oil Prices In 2019?

Iran Deal, Venezuela collapse among factors in price increase

What’s Next For Weinstein After Rape Charges

Ex-movie mogul heads to court on July 30

Chinese Jets Complete Drill on Country’s First Aircraft Carrier

Drill days after US disinvited China from multilateral naval exercises

Volcano Crisis: Dozens More Homes Become “Lava-Locked”

Hawaii volcano eruption enters week four

Shock: Irish Nationals Fly Back Home to Legalize Abortion

Anti-Abortion Amendment defeated in historic vote

Trump Reaches Deal With China’s ZT via $1.3 Billion Fine

Conditions include new management, requirement to purchase US parts

Tommy Robinson Still in Jail For Reporting on Muslim Child Rape Gang Trial
Tommy Robinson Still in Jail For Reporting on Muslim Child Rape Gang Trial
  • UK trying to censor news on trial of accused Muslim child rape gang

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Trump Jr. Slams Zuckerberg Over Instagram Bias

By: Katie Leach | Washington Examiner 2 hours ago

Search feature delivers warning message with his name

Kneeling Now Banned In the NFL

By: Savanah Hernandez | 15 hours ago

New policy enacted after NFL ratings plummeted

Roger Stone Responds To Wall Street Journal Falsehoods

By: Roger Stone | 15 hours ago

Alleged bombshell report falls flat

30-Year-Old Man Evicted From His Parents House Sits Down With Alex Jones

By: 18 hours ago

Michael Rotondo discusses what led his parents to sue him

Next Facebook CEO: Hillary Clinton?

By: Kit Daniels | 18 hours ago

Flashback: Clinton served as " editor-in-chief" for mainstream media during 2016 campaign

Update: Tommy Robinson Gets 13 Months for Livestreaming Outside Courthouse

By: Jihad Watch 18 hours ago

Police impose gag order regarding this case

3 Women Struck by Vehicle at Portland State University Campus

By: 18 hours ago

Witnesses say the incident seemed intentional

Pedo Programming Exposed: ‘Show Dogs’ Pulled From Theaters Over Claims It Groomed Children for Sexual Abuse

By: Adan Salazar | 19 hours ago

Parents outraged after movie normalizes sexual abuse