Saturday, April 21, 2018 | Video

Migrant Caravan Arrives at US-Mexico Border
  • Many have crossed into US seeking asylum.
What Really Happened In Charlottesville
  • A firsthand account of the Charlottesville riot.
420: Let’s Decriminalize GOVERNMENT
  • A discussion on America's marijuana laws.
Jailed Senate Candidate Details Plan to Take Down Elizabeth Warren

Marty Gottesfeld has a message for delegates at the Massachusetts GOP convention.

Peter Schiff Economy Warning : ‘Enjoy The Calm Before The Storm’

'It’s only a matter of time before the market blows the lid off and the price of gold goes up.'

Comey Admits There Is A Deep State

Former FBI Director puts positive twist on globalists in intelligence agencies.

Poll: Americans Fear Escalating Tensions with China, Russia

Republicans more optimistic about future than Democrats

NFL to Ban Cheerleaders?

Is nothing safe from these joyless puritans?

Congress Rounds Up Obama’s Criminal Syndicate

Patriots ready to purge globalists.

Government Leaks File Describing ‘Remote Mind Control,’ ‘Forced Memory Blanking’

A compressed file detailed research into bizarre 'psycho-electronic' weaponry.

Breaking: North Korea Freezes Nuclear Testing, Shuts Down Nuke Test Site
Breaking: North Korea Freezes Nuclear Testing, Shuts Down Nuke Test Site
  • 'This is very good news for North Korea,' says President Trump.



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Foreign Minister Defies Soros: "Hungary Will Not Accept Migrants"

By: Dan Lyman 15 hours ago

Hungary declares war on globalism after election landslide

Watch Live! Comey Memos Up In Smoke

By: 16 hours ago

Trump: Memos show clearly there was NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION.

Trump Slams ‘Shadey’ Comey And ‘Third Rate’ Book For ‘Totally destroying’ Michael Flynn’s Life

By: Steve Watson | 16 hours ago

"Is This The Way Life In America Is Supposed To Work?"

CNN Associates Infowars With Pedo Channel in Bid to Shut Down Its Competition

By: Paul Joseph Watson | 18 hours ago

Links anti-establishment YouTube channels with nazism & North Korean propaganda.

Assange has ‘physical proof’ Russia didn’t hack DNC – Congressman

By: RT 18 hours ago

Assange had “physical proof of that” and was going to show it in exchange for an agreement that he would not get arrested upon leaving the e...

Bill Gates backs a $1 billion plan to cover Earth in ‘Big Brother’ satellites capable of streaming ‘live and unfiltered’ HD footage of the planet

By: Daily Mail 18 hours ago

500-strong network of spacecraft will monitor Earth with and livestream video.

Migrants bully and beat up German boy for eating pork – an ambulance was needed

By: Voice Of Europe 19 hours ago

Classmates call him ‘German pig’, ‘pig’ and ‘German potato’.

Comey’s memos on Trump meetings leaked online (FULL TEXT)

By: RT 19 hours ago

Comey revealed the existence of the memos after he was fired by President Donald Trump in May 2017.

Google Lawsuit: Senior Engineer Sought to ‘Blacklist Alt-Right Websites’ Like ‘Breitbart,’ Purge YouTube

By: Chris Menahan | Information Liberation

Far-left, self-described extremists are running the show at the largest, most powerful company in the history of the world.

UK: Woman posts rap lyrics, is charged with hate crime


Chelsea Russell, 19, from Liverpool posted the lyric from Snap Dogg's I'm Trippin'.