Monday, October 23, 2017 | Video

GOP Challenger: Arrest Maxine Waters For "Take Trump Out" Threat
  • Fox News contributor warns threat could inspire people to "assassinate Republicans".
Watch Live: Fake News MSM Blames Trump for Military Casualties
  • The establishment is desperately trying to derail the Trump administration.
Robert Mueller Invested In Hedge Funds Linked to Russia and George Soros
  • Robert Mueller’s complex financial entanglements include investments linked to George Soros and Russia.
Trump Unleashes CIA Kill Teams In Afghanistan

CIA paramilitary forces are expanding partner operations in Afghanistan to hunt and kill high level Taliban operatives, The New York Times r...

SCHLICHTER: The Establishment Flunkies Flunk Out

Patriots fully reject the Never Trump losers

US ready to put 'nuclear bombers on 24-hour alert' for first time since the end of the Cold War

Amid growing tensions with Russia and North Korea.

EU Credibility at Stake Over Madrid Threat to Impose Direct Rule On Catalonia

Cracks in superstate continue to widen

Anti-Establishment, Trump-Like Billionaire Wins Czech Election

Everyone wants their own Trump.

Senate Probe Asks Whether Robert Mueller Alerted Obama Administration to Russian Bribery Scheme

The FBI told Newsweek it had no comment as to whether Mueller had alerted senior Obama administration officials.

Air Force Preparing B-52 Bombers For 24-hour Alert Status, Official Says

Would mark first such escalation since Cold War

Globalists Panic As Populists Dominate Italy's Referendum
Globalists Panic As Populists Dominate Italy's Referendum
  • Bureaucrats losing control of Europe

By: Dan Lyman


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EU Parliament ‘An Absolute Hotbed of Sexual Harassment’

By: Breitbart London 4 hours ago

Weinsteingate comes to Brussels

AP Pollsters Disappointed? Can't Show Las Vegas Massacre Changed Gun Views

By: Newsbusters 4 hours ago

"The slaying of five dozen people in Las Vegas did little to change Americans’ opinions about gun laws."

ABC, NBC Maintain Clinton-Uranium Blackout, CBS Finds It 5 Days Late

By: Newsbusters 4 hours ago

Brought their total coverage time of the scandal to a whopping 69 seconds.

Bush And Obama Attempt To Smear Trump

By: Jon Bowne | 22 hours ago

Has populism and awareness become too large a threat to ignore?

Vegas Bombshell: Video Shows 17 Ambulances Pulling Bodies Out Of Hooters

By: Shepard Ambellas | Intellihub 22 hours ago

Video captured night of the Oct. 1 massacre reveals LVMPD and FBI are withholding key details about what actually transpired.

Actor Corey Feldman Arrested After Speaking Out About Hollywood Pedophiles

By: 23 hours ago

Arrest comes after tweeting he was "working on a plan" to expose pedophiles.

‘Ive Been Labeled By The Mainstream Media As A Racist’: Dr. Doom Marc Faber Fires Back

By: SHTF Plan 1 day ago

'To deny that the Western white man made America great is just not right,' he says.

UK Police Slammed For ‘Propaganda’ Video Promoting Islam

By: Breitbart London 1 day ago

Under fire for using taxpayer dollars to make pro-Islamic video.

Trump To DOJ And FBI: Say Who Paid For Dossier

By: Daily Caller

"Justice Department and/or FBI should immediately release who paid for it."

HILLARY UNLEASHED: Cracks joke about H.W. Bush’s health, says Trump speech ‘some weird sh*t’

By: American Mirror

Admits she tried to get out of going to the inauguration.