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Gowdy Slams Clinton Minion Rosenstein Over Conflict of Interest in Russia Investigation
  • "Those that are supposed to make sure there are no conflicts of interest seem to have a bit of their own."
‘Mainstream Media has become a joke!’: Trump Eviscerates Fake News Media
  • Study finds media waging relentless info-war against president.
Watch Live: Trump Delivers Statement on Tax Reform
  • POTUS makes case for tax agenda.
Tillerson Ready For North Korea Talks… But Is Trump?

Contradicting statements from Trump administration create confusion on North Korean negotiations.

High Level FBI Agents Discussed "Insurance Policy" to Stop Trump Winning the Election

"We can't take that risk".

Irony: Pedo Film Takes Hollywood by Storm Amid Wave of Sexual Assault Allegations

Corey Feldman labels film example of "child grooming"

LA Blaze Ignited By Vagrants As Homeless Camps Explode Across State

California's destructive policies fanning flames of disaster

Report: Fusion GPS Used Ham Radio to Create Debunked Dossier?

Did FBI Deputy Director McCabe cancel with House Intel Committee over Conflicts with Bruce and Nellie Ohr?

Brzezinski Attacks Trump’s Wife & Daughter For Not Calling Out ‘Sexist Pig’ President

"The saddest thing I’ve ever seen in this White House ever in my life.”

Leftists Demand Black Women Be Paid For Helping Defeat Roy Moore in Alabama

"Just keep your mouth shut and pay black women".

Must See: Congressman Jordan Grills Clinton Deputy AG Rosenstein, Exposes Total Fraud Of Russiagate
Must See: Congressman Jordan Grills Clinton Deputy AG Rosenstein, Exposes Total Fraud Of Russiagate
  • Mueller's Russia investigation is falling apart.

By: The Alex Jones Show


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Watch Live: Recount In Alabama, Will There Be Dirty Tricks?

By: 14 hours ago

Final decision could come as late as Christmas.

Michael Moore, Liberals Use Alabama Result to Mock White People

By: Paul Joseph Watson | 15 hours ago

"White people shouldn't be allowed to vote".

Roger Stone Suggested to Bannon the Idea to Confront the Clintons with Sexual Victims During Second Debate

By: Jerome Corsi | 15 hours ago

Lewandowski and Bossie get wrong: Roger Stone wrote the book on the Clintons’ War on Women, not Bannon

DEFIANT: Roy Moore Refuses to Concede in Alabama Election

By: 23 hours ago

Demands recount if results within half percentage point, per Alabama law.

BREAKING: Democrats Caught On Tape Offering Women Money To Lie About Trump

By: The Alex Jones Show 1 day ago

Audio could prove Democrats are paying sexual harassment accusers

Anti-Bully Left Bullies Bullied Boy, Mom After Confederate Flag Photos Surface

By: Adan Salazar | 1 day ago

Well, that escalated quickly...

NYC Bomber Entered U.S. Through Chain Migration

By: Joe Jankowski 1 day ago

Suspect was eligible for green card

Hypocrite Gillibrand Won’t Disavow Sexual Predator Bill Clinton

By: Paul Joseph Watson | 1 day ago

Senator has taken at least six political donations from Harvey Weinstein.

Tonight! Special Coverage of Alabama Senate Election


Trump-backed Republican Roy Moore takes on Deep State candidate Doug Jones.

Facebook Denies Former VP Claims It’s Destroying ‘fabric of society’

By: Adan Salazar |

'Facebook was a very different company back then,' company claims.