Friday, February 23, 2018 | Video

Boston Dynamics' Door-Opening Robot Can Now Fight Off Humans
  • Dog-like machine battles its hocey stick-wielding creator in company's latest video
Hackers Breach Tesla's Servers to Mine Cryptocurrency
  • Electric car manufacturer's cloud environment infiltrated by sophisticated cyber criminals
How Far Will Trump Go On Gun Control?
  • “In private, he has indicated that he might do more,” than ban bump stock devices.
Watch Live: Freedom In Jeopardy, 2nd Amendment Hangs In The Balance

Globalists slowly moving toward disarming the American people.

CNN Shows Up At Old Lady's Home to Harass Her About 'Russian Collusion'

News network is now stalking private citizens.

Reverend Billy Graham Passes Away at 99

Beloved Evangelist reached untold millions

NBC Glorifies Gun Owners Destroying Their Weapons on Social Media

Destroying a rifle to make sure “this weapon will never be able to take a life” was a ridiculous empty gesture.

Three African Men Arrested for Cannibalism in Paris Suburb

The victim was able to fight off the attackers.

As Hollywood Feigns Outrage Over Gun Violence, Its Top Film Promotes It

“Most importantly, we simply need to put down the guns!”

Purdue writing guide: Words with 'MAN' 'should be avoided'

"Is meaning has come to be so closely identified with adult male that the generic use of MAN and other words with masculine markers sho...

Hungarian PM: EU Proposing New Migrant Quotas ‘Without an Upper Limit’
Hungarian PM: EU Proposing New Migrant Quotas ‘Without an Upper Limit’
  • Globalists preparing to open flood gates upon Europe

By: Dan Lyman


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Joy Reid Favorite Pundit Of Russian Trolls

By: Daily Caller 2 days ago

Reid, who hosts a weekend show on MSNBC, received the most retweets of any pundit from the Russian troll farm.

'He Talked About Killing Our Parents, Our Friends': Shooting Suspect's Friend Says She Warned School

By: Chris Menahan | Information Liberation 2 days ago

"He talked about killing our parents, our friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends," Ariana Lopez said on ABC's "Good Mornin...

Shooting Survivor Interviews Terrified Students On Gun Control — During Massacre!

By: 2 days ago

Pushing gun control as the shooting is happening!

Milo & PJW: The Culture War

By: Paul Joseph Watson | 2 days ago

Why Black Panther has backfired.

Not After Trump? Mueller’s Latest Indictment Dates to 2012

By: Kit Daniels | 2 days ago

Once again, Mueller's probe exposes wrongdoing during Obama era

Dems Exploit #MeToo Movement To Push Female 2020 Hopefuls

By: Jamie White | 2 days ago

Identity politics and banal cultural movements the Left's only strategy.

Trump Golfs Over Dead Bodies of Schoolchildren in Bizarre Jim Carrey Art

By: Adan Salazar | 2 days ago

Actor tweets depiction of dead kids to school shooting survivor - who proceeds to thank him.

Senate Candidate P0wns the Associated Press From Jail

By: Marty Gottesfeld | 2 days ago

Journalism is supposed to be the fearless and objective search for truth, not the lazy attempt to subjectively tell less than half of it.

Video: Native American Gets Beat Down After Assaulting Trump Voter

By: Kit Daniels |

Trump Derangement Syndrome backfires on overconfident SJW

Viral Facebook Video Shatters 'Assault Weapons' Talking Point


'All this talk about 'assault weapons, assault guns,' is total bullshit'