10 Ways the Trump Administration Beat Back Excessive Regulation in 2017

There is no question that there has been a fundamental shift in regulatory policy under Trump

Image Credits: Wiki.

Federal rulemaking slowed dramatically in 2017, with the Trump administration issuing two-thirds fewer regulations in its first year (1,136) than both Presidents Barack Obama (3,356) and George W. Bush (3,927).

The White House has also committed federal agencies to more than 400 deregulatory actions in 2018.

Here are 10 of the past year’s most consequential actions to rein in the regulatory excesses of previous administrations.

1. Clean Power Plan.

At an estimated annual cost of $7.2 billion, the Clean Power Plan was the centerpiece of the Obama administration’s global warming crusade. The Environmental Protection Agency on Oct. 16 published its proposed repeal of the regulation on the grounds that the rulemaking exceeded the agency’s statutory authority.

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