100,000 Afghans Just the BEGINNING of Endless ‘Refugee Resettlement’ Operation, Trump Advisor Warns

Biden admin has opened doors to unlimited Afghan migration, Stephen Miller says

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The Biden administration has launched an “open-ended” policy of welcoming migrants from Afghanistan to the United States, a top Trump advisor has warned.

Over 100,000 “randomly selected Afghan nationals” have been transported out of their homeland by the U.S. in recent weeks.

Stephen Miller, former senior policy advisor to President Donald Trump and founder of America First Legal, says this is just the start of facilitated migration for Afghans hoping to move to the U.S.

Pointing out that Americans were first told only vetted Afghans who had worked closely with the military would be brought to the U.S., Miller asserted the “greatest bait-and-switch of all time” has taken place instead.

“My sources inside the government are very clear that with most of these individuals, when you run a background check, it comes up blank. They’re ghosts. Nobody knows who they are,” Miller told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night.

“It gets worse. I’ve also been informed, very credibly, that this is the beginning — not the end — of the refugee resettlement operation.”

“As we speak, the Biden administration is making preparations, through its foreign consulates and missions, to accept, in an open-ended and unending way, Afghan nationals who leave the country and apply at any U.S. mission around the globe,” Miller revealed.

The majority of such activity will take place in neighboring Pakistan, he said, further explaining that the federal government will ultimately bypass and violate a variety of immigration laws in bringing these migrants to the U.S.

Miller pointed out that all policy discussions can be trumped by common-sense analysis of the events playing out and the future they portend.

“If you bring in several provinces worth of individuals from Afghanistan, you will replicate the conditions in Afghanistan here in the United States of America — and all the horrors that entails,” he concluded.

Infowars has frequently documented the shocking number and severity of sex attacks and violent crimes committed in Europe by Afghan migrants in recent years.

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