13 Academics Sign Letter Claiming Term “Quantum Supremacy” is Racist

Clown world strikes again.

13 academics have signed a letter asserting that the scientific term “quantum supremacy” is racist and shouldn’t be used.

Yes, this actually happened and it’s not the Onion.

A Google computer recently achieved quantum supremacy by managing to perform a calculation in 200 seconds that would have taken the world’s most powerful supercomputer 10,000 years.

However, instead of celebrating this accomplishment, some academics were instead triggered by the use of the term “quantum supremacy”.

They signed a letter, which was subsequently published by Nature, claiming the term was racist.

“In our view, ‘supremacy’ has overtones of violence, neocolonialism and racism through its association with ‘white supremacy,’” the letter states. “We call for the community to use ‘quantum advantage’ instead.”

The term ‘quantum advantage’ is patently ludicrous to describe the achievement since ‘advantage’ and ‘supremacy’ mean two totally different things.

The letter also complained about other scientific terms such as “conquest,” “colonization” and “settlement” being politically incorrect because they “evoke the terra nullius arguments of settler colonialism and must be contextualized against ongoing issues of neocolonialism.”

“The woke-minded can rest easy, however, as the next generation of scientists will be free of such hideous unconscious racism,” reports RT. “Pomona College in California held a mandatory ‘Decolonizing Physics and Astronomy’ symposium on Wednesday. During the event, astronomy and physics students were required to give presentations on “decolonization, microaggressions, implicit bias and other topics.”

This is another perfect illustration of how demented, power mad social justice warriors in academia are cannibalizing language to conform to their warped hysteria about racism and identity politics.

They literally want to discourage and even ban the use of perfectly innocent scientific terms simply because some precious, woke moron somewhere might be offended.

These people have taken over the university system and need to be stopped before their idiotic woke dictatorship leads to the complete castration of scientific endeavor in the west.


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