2019: The Year The Mask Came Off

Infowars Special Report: 2019 Year-In-Review

As the world enters a new year and a new decade, we look back on 2019 with an eye for trends and patterns that expose the anti-human agenda of the New World Order. 

2019 was not just another year – it was the year the mask slipped, exposing the Luciferian horror-show hidden behind the veneer of “liberal” tolerance.

So-called “common-sense gun control” became “mandatory confiscation,” “Women’s Health” became “Post-birth Abortions,”  and “Sexual freedom” became the open indoctrination of children by transvestite pedophiles.

From Jeffery Epstein to Jussie Smollett, from Greta Thunberg to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, this was the year that “the powers that be” decided to openly enact their wicked, anti-human agenda.

The mask is off and they aren’t trying to hide their endgame anymore.

Join Harrison Smith as he takes a trip down memory lane, documenting the events of last year and examining trends from a bird’s-eye view.

Part 1:


  • Inauguration of “The Squad,” and an immediate demand for Impeachment
  • Government Shutdown over Border Security
  • The Arrest of Roger Stone
  • Covington Catholic Hoax
  • Jussie Smollett Hoax


  • Ralph Northam – Post-Birth Abortion and Blackface
  • Nation Emergency Declaration over Illegal Immigration
  • Trump & Kim Summit
  • Progressive Media Collapse
  • Green New Deal Released


  • Impeachment Probe(s)
  • YouTube Censorship
  • Mueller Report Delivered
  • AOC Campaign Finance Fraud


  • Julian Assange Arrested
  • Notre Dame Burns
  • Sri Lanka Easter Bombings
  • French Military Deployed Against Yellow Vests


  • Facebook Censorship
  • On The Brink Of War With Iran
  • Michael Avenatti Arrested
  • Drag Queen Story Hour


  • Hong Kong Protests
  • African Migrants Arrive At Mexico Border
  • Keith Raniere Found Guilty in NXIVM Trial
  • 1700 Sex Predators Arrested

Part 2:


  • Tommy Robinson Jailed Jeffery Epstein Arrested
  • Financial Blacklisting Transgender Sports Domination
  • Gene-edited Babies


  • ICE Releases Immigrants By the Hundreds of Thousands
  • LGBTQ Lessons Mandated In Public Elementary Schools
  • Google Whistleblower Goes Public
  • Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft ALL have humans listening to devices


  • CEO Admits to Selling Beating Baby Hearts
  • Spy Planes Flying Over Baltimore To Prevent Murder
  • UK Bans Photos Of Knives
  • Neuro-Toxic Chemtrails Prevented By Protests



  • Big Pharma Panics Over Billion-Dollar Lawsuits
  • Bible Deemed “Incompatible With Human Dignity”
  • Sperm Counts Plunge 60%
  • AI Implants Create “Superhuman Intelligence”


  • NBC Promotes Implantable Microchips
  • Paypal Cuts Off Conservatives
  • Wikileaks Reveals OPCW False Flag
  • Roger Stone Found Guilty


  • Japan Approves First Humanimals
  • FBI Warns Consumers About SmartTVs
  • Concealed Carry Hero Stops Mass Shooting In Six Seconds
  • Donald Trump Impeached In Partisan House Vote

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