33-Year-Old Dad Dies After Developing Autoimmune Disease Following 2nd Covid Jab

Doctors 'agreed that the COVID vaccine caused an immune response that led to the development of the autoimmune disease and HLH,' wife of deceased man states.

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A Louisiana dad died last week after he developed an autoimmune disease following his second Covid jab injection.

Brandon Pollett, 33, was perfectly healthy prior to the vaccines according to his wife, Jessica, with whom he has a one-year-old daughter.

However, “After his second Pfizer vaccine, Brandon developed a headache right away then fever 48 hours after,” Jessica told the St. Charles Herald Guide.

“He had high fevers, terrible headaches, and his blood counts were not what they should be,” reports a GoFundMe for Brandon.

Brandon, who worked for 7 years as an instrument mechanic for the Shell Oil Company, visited the hospital on October 21, where he stayed until November 2, the GoFundMe states.

Jessica says doctors initially believed Brandon suffered from hemophagocytic lymphohistiocystosis, or HLH, but later diagnosed him as having a rare autoimmune disorder called Still’s Disease.

“After discharge, Brandon went home for about a month and was then re-hospitalized Dec. 14,” Jessica says.

This time, Brandon was diagnosed with HLH, and doctor’s began a treatment protocol that included chemotherapy.

Doctors also admitted to Jessica and Brandon the disease was directly caused by the vaccine.

“Unfortunately, none of the usual treatments have worked. The doctors have agreed that the COVID vaccine caused an immune response that led to the development of the autoimmune disease and HLH.”

Brandon ultimately succumbed to the illness on January 28.

“He fought so hard. I have never see someone put up such a fight. He said ‘I’m sorry, I tried to beat it’ as he was dying,” wrote a friend on Facebook.

An obituary for Brandon states he passed away “due to complications from the Covid-19 vaccine.”

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