3rd Grade Girl Wins Lawsuit After School District Banned Her ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Mask

Family victorious in religious freedom/free speech lawsuit

Image Credits: Alliance defending freedom press release.

A third-grader recently won a lawsuit against the Simpson County School District in Mississippi after it banned her from wearing a Covid-19 face mask reading, “Jesus loves me.”

The schoolgirl, Lydia Booth, said it was “sad” and “confusing” when she was first told she couldn’t wear the mask.

Her mother pointed out the district’s hypocrisy as other students wore masks with words on them, telling Fox News Digital, “I was looking around, and all these kids had words all over their masks.”

However, after standing their ground, the family came to a settlement resulting in the district rescinding its policy banning face masks with “political” or “religious” messages.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Legal Counsel Michael Ross told Fox News Digital “What the school was doing is a flat violation of the First Amendment,” adding, “The First Amendment prohibits schools from singling out students for their speech, especially religious speech.”

While the school no longer requires children to wear Covid masks, the family is glad they fought back against the unconstitutional violation of free speech.

Hear more from the family in the following interview with Fox News Digital.

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