62% Of Gen Z Says They Used Alcohol Before Their First Sexual Experience, New Survey Finds

Image Credits: Maskot / Getty Images .

Further proving that humans are constantly being anesthetized from actual feelings by the media, the internet and the company of other similarly situated individuals, a new study has shown that alcohol seems to be key to Gen Z’s sexual life. 

A new study performed by EduBirdie found that sexual experience often ran concurrent with alcohol use for Gen Z. 

“EduBirdie surveyed 1,511 participants from Generation Z. The analyzed sample was 52% female, 47% male with 44% ethnic/racial minority (15% non-Hispanic Black, 16% Hispanic, 13% other or multiple races) and an average age of 18.9,” the study reads

The site’s findings were as follows:

  • 89% of Gen Z students felt stressed before their first sexual experience.
  • Reported average age of the first sexual interaction is 16.1
  • 68% used alcohol drinks at least 1 hour before their first sexual experience.
  • 42% said their first sexual experience was worse than expected.
  • 52% stated they never had a first sexual contact with a new partner without alcohol.
  • 31% believes that strong alcohol allows to build a more intimate and trusting approach to the first sexual interaction.
  • 8% reported drinking alcohol every time before every they have sex.
  • 14% find alcohol to be an essential part of the active sexual life.

Avery Morgan, Chief Communications Officer at EduBirdie, commented: “In our earlier research, we found that nearly half of Gen Z students were victims of ghosting. After a bad experience, teens and young adults may be less open to building a trusting sexual relationship, which is why they turn to alcohol as a means of coping with their own fears. Such high rates of alcohol use in sexual life show the unpreparedness and insecurity of students in their sexual experience, despite all the available educational materials of the 21st century.”

“We learned that more than half of our respondents had never talked to their partners about how satisfied they were with their overall sex life. Issues like these may cause generation Z to resort more to alcohol in their relationship with their partner,” Morgan continued.

“At the same time, there are some promising results. So, almost every third student said that they can openly discuss sex with their parents. It’s impressive. It is an open discussion of sex, both in adolescence with parents and later with future partners, that helps to build a healthy sex life.”