911 Emergency Lines Go Down Across US

Netizens trace outage to Microsoft tech failure

Image Credits: David Degner/Getty Images.

Police departments in multiple US states have reported issues with 911 calls, including cellular and text messages.

Outages have been registered in Minneapolis, North Carolina, Philadelphia, West Virginia, Illinois, Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, Delaware, Minnesota, Indiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Florida, and more.

Netizens have connected the nationwide 911 outage to a technological problem with Microsoft, while the authorities have yet to comment on the possible causes of the issues.

Since citizens have were not able to reach emergency services. Police have recommended calling local department numbers, even as the connection has been restored in some areas. Minnesota has suggested calling a local fire department.

None of the states’ authorities have commented on the possible causes of the outages so far.

Earlier in the day, Microsoft said that a “subset of customers in the Azure Public and Azure Government clouds may encounter errors.”

The announcement has prompted social media users to suspect that technical issues have triggered 911 to go down since 911 services in many states are operated through Microsoft.

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