ABC Report on Delta Variant Dragged & Ratioed on YouTube

"This is straight up fear mongering at this point."

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A panicky report by ABC News on the Delta variant of the coronavirus has been ridiculed and ratioed by YouTube users Thursday, underscoring the public’s distrust in the mainstream media and government health experts.

The ABC report, titled “Misinformation around COVID-19, vaccines an ‘urgent threat,’ surgeon general says,” has as of this writing received over 11,000 “thumbs down” votes compared to 2,900 “like” votes on YouTube.

Likewise, the comments reflect the public’s disdain for the media’s censorship tactics and demonization of anyone who questions their COVID narrative.

“Why would I trust anyone who tries to hide information from me?” one user asked.

“This is straight up fear mongering at this point,” another user said.

“Sounds like everyone is waking up and the media doesn’t like it,” another said.

The ABC report comes as Los Angeles health officials once again imposed an indoor mask mandate – regardless of vaccination status – despite COVID deaths in California remaining at all-time lows.

Following suit, Las Vegas officials have also recommended masks once again, even though Nevada currently has an extremely low COVID death rate.

This is illustrative of the fact that the public is sick and tired of the media’s debunked COVID narratives that have only resulted in oppressive lockdowns, decimated businesses, and declined mental health for the American people.

Gerald Celente hosts the fourth hours of the Alex Jones Show to warn of the COVID 2.0 pandemic with the so-called “Delta” variant.