ABC’s Chief News Correspondent Tries to ‘Mask Shame’ John Roberts, Gets Owned

ABC’s Chief News Correspondent Jonathan Karl tried to ‘mask shame’ Fox News’ John Roberts, only for someone to point out to Karl that he didn’t wear a mask when he was out in public last week.

“Almost everybody in the Rose Garden is wearing a mask — almost everybody,” tweeted Karl, along with four images of news reporters in the Rose Garden all wearing masks apart from Roberts.

However, Roberts was in fact in possession of a mask and had only briefly removed it.

But that wasn’t the most embarrassing comeback aimed at Karl. Turns out he’s been in an even more public area while failing to wear a mask.

“You didn’t wear a mask on Cinco de Mayo to pick up your tacos from Mi Vida. Why not?” asked Luke Mahoney.

“Is there a different standard for the media? Are there some places we have to wear masks and others we don’t?”

This is more proof that mask wearers are wearing the face coverings as a status symbol to signal their own virtue, allowing them to judge people who choose not to wear masks, while their own behavior proves them to be total hypocrites who don’t actually care about spreading the virus.

Meanwhile, another reporter wearing a mask removed it while asking President Trump a question, defeating the whole purpose of wearing the mask.


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