Acting ICE Director Blasts ‘Ignorant’ Open Borders Protesters

Matthew Albence rips left’s push for lawlessness

Image Credits: Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images.

The acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has penned an op-ed staunchly defending the agency’s mission and ripping into leftist protesters pushing for lawlessness and open borders.

Matthew Albence says he is “appalled and perplexed” by propaganda designed to cripple and demoralize law enforcement efforts, both across the United States and in Portland, Maine, where recent demonstrations against ICE took place.

“These ignorant, inflammatory efforts to block enforcement of this nation’s criminal statutes by hardworking, patriotic Americans who live in the same communities they serve, stand only to put these communities – and the entire city of Portland – at risk,” Albence writes. “These protesters are advocating for dangerous criminals to roam our streets with impunity.”

“In addition to the Jan. 3 protests in downtown Portland, a mock fence cage was displayed with a sign urging ‘No kids in cages.’ This is a gross mischaracterization of our agency’s standards of care at well-run detention facilities nationwide, especially family facilities.”

Albence points out many ICE agents are military veterans who work closely with police to target criminals who commit heinous crimes, including child traffickers operating in Maine and the surrounding region.

“This inaccurate, baseless rhetoric further ignores the agency’s efforts in New England, including the rescue of 70 child exploitation victims, since 2017,” Albence asserts.

“These are the real kids in cages, victimized by heartless criminals who force them into prostitution and servitude, tragically leaving them with permanent mental and physical scars. And these kids are in addition to the 25 trafficking victims Homeland Security Investigations Portland rescued, conducting these investigations from office settings just like the one targeted in the misguided protests.”

Albence touted ICE’s record number of arrests in 2019, revealing the agency removed over 150,000 criminal aliens from the U.S., including 8,000 gang members.

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