Activist artist spills fake blood outside NYC DA Alvin Bragg’s Manhattan office to protest woke policies amid crime surge

'This is the blood of the innocent people of New York City'

Image Credits: Screenshot.

An artist poured fake blood outside Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office to protest the newly-elected DA’s ‘woke policies’ as the Big Apple is racked by a spike in crime and violence.

Scott Lobaido was recorded on camera Tuesday outside Bragg’s office in downtown Manhattan splashing stage blood on a pink toddler’s coat, a pair of girl’s footwear, and a police officer’s hat displayed on the sidewalk. 

‘This is the blood of the innocent people of New York City getting slaughtered because of DA Bragg,’ Lobaido, a self-proclaimed patriot activist and artist, said as he poured the fake blood.  

‘Eleven-month-old girl shot in the face because of woke criminal-loving district attorneys like Alvin Bragg!’ he said, in reference to a January 19 incident in which a baby girl was struck by a bullet during a shooting in the Bronx. 

The staged protest featured symbolical items which represented the most recent victims of a staggering rise in violence in New York City, which has been widely blamed on Bragg’s ‘bail-reducing, woke policies.’

The shoes Lobaido displayed on the sidewalk seemingly represented a Deloitte consultant who was pushed in front of a train in the Times Square subway station on January 15. 

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The police hat likely represented slain officers Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora, the first NYPD officers killed in the line of duty by a gunman since 2017. 

Laboido, of Staten Island, also took aim at NY Governor Kathy Hochul, Mayor Adams and President Biden for their performative promises to tackle violence and failure to toughen up on legislation. 

‘Hey Joe Biden, Governor Hochul, Mayor Adams, STOP with your ‘Hearts and Prayers’ BULLS##T!!! GET THESE WOKE F#CKING DISTRICT ATTORNEY MURDERERS OUT OF OFFICE!!!’ flyers depicting a bloody-handed Bragg on the sidewalk read.