Afghan Migrant Raped Student For Hours While ‘Barking Like a Dog’

Illegal migrant granted asylum in Australia before attack

Image Credits: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images.

An Afghan migrant has been convicted of raping a young girl in Melbourne, Australia, in a nightmare attack that lasted for six hours, according to reports.

Mokhtari Alimadad, 42, lured his victim, a college student from Lithuania, to a motel room in 2016 using a bogus job posting on the Gumtree website, the Daily Mail reports.

When she arrived for an interview, he attempted to ply her with alcohol and drugs before asking her for sex, which she refused.

Alimadad, a former Afghan soldier, reportedly dragged her into his room and began to sexually assault her while threatening to kill her.

“The County Court of Victoria heard Alimadad barked like a dog and lashed out at invisible people in between sexual assaults and rapes,” the Mail reports.

“He was found guilty after a jury trial of four counts of rape and one charge each of sexual assault and false imprisonment.”

In a statement to the court, the victim says she is permanently scarred from the attack, saying she experiences frequent panic attacks and lives in fear of men.

“No-one can understand how disgusting and how rotten everything looks after rape. It’s indescribable,” she wrote.

“My personal life has been destroyed. Life is a shadow.”

Alimadad’s lawyer attributed the attack to his client having an “out of body experience.”

Alimadad traveled to Australia via boat as an ‘asylum seeker’ with the help of human traffickers.

Upon being granted asylum, Alimadad was joined by his family – a wife and three children.

He now faces a “significant sentence” according to the presiding judge, and may also be deported.

Dan Lyman:

French intellectual Eric Zemmour says that the elite organized an “invasion” of Europe via mass immigration primarily because they wanted to import a servant class to replace Europeans who are no longer willing to perform menial tasks.