Afghan ‘Refugee’ Comes To America, Rapes 3-Year-Old Afghan Girl On Marine Base, Says It’s His ‘Culture’

During questioning, man told authorities through an interpreter that he’d done nothing wrong and that molesting children is simply part of Afghan culture.

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An Afghan migrant who worked with U.S. troops before being evacuated to the United States has been convicted of raping a 3-year-old girl on a Marine Corps base in Virginia, telling authorities that the molestation of children is merely a part of his people’s culture, and no reason to throw him in prison.

24-year-old Afghan, Mohammed Tariq was found guilty of abusive sexual conduct in Alexandria’s U.S. District Court last Friday, after being arrested in September at Quantico’s Camp Upshur when a group of Marines caught the Afghan refugee imported by the Biden regime in the act of raping a toddler.

According to a statement from the United States Department of Justice, while Tariq and the 3-year-old victim were unrelated, both were Afghan migrants who arrived in the United States amid the Biden administration’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

The DOJ statement goes on to detail that Tariq was seen by Marines at Camp Upshur “inappropriately touching the victim over her clothing, on her chest, genitals, and buttocks,” before his arrest.

During questioning, Tariq told authorities through an interpreter that he’d done nothing wrong and that molesting children is simply part of Afghan culture.

Later attempts to have those statements scrubbed from the record were unsuccessful, being rejected by the U.S. District Judge presiding over the case and helping lead to an easy conviction.

Though the court determined that Afghan child rape culture does not overrule American law, Tariq’s attempted defense shines light on the long-time abuse of women and children amongst Islamic, Middle Eastern populations, specifically in Afghanistan, where previous reports have long alleged that the American government allowed Afghan allies to keep child sex slaves chained to their beds on American installations.

Soldiers who were on-site have reported hearing the screams of children throughout the night, as they were raped and abused by Afghan men and allege they were told to keep quiet on the subject out of respect for Afghan culture.

Tariq’s sentencing is scheduled for April 26th, and reports have indicated that he can expect to receive a lengthy amount of time behind bars, if not life in prison, all at the expense of American taxpayers.

Several online commenters have pointed out that life in an American prison may leave him with a higher standard of living than simply being sent back to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, where Tariq is reported to have previously worked for American forces.

Since the late summer of 2021, Virginia has served as a key drop-off point for tens of thousands of Afghan migrants ferried into the country by the Biden administration, often at the expense of American citizens who have been left to fend for themselves behind enemy lines.

Federal authorities, who were until recently aided by former Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, have used military bases and other large scale public venues to house the migrants.

It has been confirmed that some of these migrants have brought Covid-19, measles, and other deadly diseases into the United States.

At some points, the influx has caused such a strain to Northern Virginia’s infrastructure that American citizens have been turned away from hospitals, who have reported being overwhelmed by diseased Afghan migrants.

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