African Journalist Kicked Out of White House Correspondents Association Decries Censorship

'Karine Jean-Pierre, she's totally incompetent, she can't even answer basic questions,' Today News Africa correspondent Simon Ateba told Tucker Carlson.

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An African journalist whose White House press credentials were revoked says he was targeted for censorship because the Biden administration didn’t like his uncomfortable questions.

Today News Africa chief White House correspondent Simon Ateba joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday to discuss his recent experience being booted from the White House briefing room.

“They refuse to renew my membership,” Ateba told host Tucker Carlson. “They are trying to help the press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, because when you do the right thing, when you ask the right question, they try to silence you and try to censor you.”

Ateba went on to accuse Pierre and Tamara Keith, a former NPR propagandist who heads the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA), of working in tandem to block his application renewal.

“The only thing they are doing to me right now is trying to punish me for trying to be a real journalist for asking the question that the American people really care about,” Ateba told Tucker. “And it’s shameful. It’s a disgrace, and the president of the White House Correspondents Association, Tamara Keith, who worked for NPR, a publicly funded media organization, should be ashamed of herself.”

Ateba at times has had tense exchanges with Pierre, however the African reporter says he hasn’t been called on for questions once this year.

In a letter from the WHCA to Ateba published on Twitter, the journalist was told he hadn’t filed his application properly, and that after it was “carefully reviewed by a committee of journalists” and a review was conducted of “repeated instances where your behavior violated the expectations for membership,” his application ultimately was rejected.

“Today is a dark day for freedom of the press in the United States of America,” Ateba tweeted upon learning his application had been denied.

Ateba said he was shocked at his treatment by the country he once considered to be the “beacon of free speech.”

“Karine Jean-Pierre, she’s totally incompetent, she can’t even answer basic questions,” Ateba told Carlson. “She lies a lot… She’s lied repeatedly about the classified documents, even other things… I never believed that this could happen to me in the United States.”

“In Africa, when we look up to the U.S., we saw the beacon of light, the beacon of excellence, the beacon of free speech, but here I am, right in the White House, in the most powerful house in the world, being censored, been punished by Tamara Keith of NPR, the WHCA, who are totally incompetent and colluding with the White House to punish someone who is doing the right thing.”

The journalist last week announced would take legal action against the press secretary for discriminating against him.

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