After Joe Biden Picked Patrick Mahomes over Tom Brady, Buccaneers Crush Chiefs in Super Bowl

Image Credits: Stefani Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images.

Democrat President Joe Biden lost again Sunday night when his pick for whom he would want to receive a pass from, Chiefs’ Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, lost the Super Bowl to the Buccaneers’ Tom Brady in a blowout in Tampa.

In a pre-Super Bowl interview with Norah O’Donnell of CBS News, Biden — the just-inaugurated 46th president of the United States — said he once dreamed of playing professional football.

“I had wild dreams,” Biden said. “They weren’t to be president; they were to be a flanker-back in the NFL.”

Biden declined to say who he wanted to win the game but did say he would rather catch passes from Mahomes than Brady.

“Obviously, Brady is a great quarterback,” Biden said. “Mahomes seems like he has a lot of potential. I’d probably take a shot with the young guy who (we) didn’t expect as much from.”

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