AGAIN: Biden Gets Lost On Stage, Speaks Complete Gibberish

"No. They're by 16 there. I've already gone in for yet, and a lot more grass. Another 20 or so. I'm gonna be going."

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Another day, another video of Joe Biden getting lost on a stage and speaking complete mumbling gibberish.

Biden was in Pittsburgh jabbering about the $25.3million reconstruction of the Fern Hollow Bridge which collapsed in January.

“By Christmas, God willing, I’m coming to walk over this sucker,” Biden told the crowd, referring to the fact that the rebuilding of the bridge still isn’t completed.

For some reason Biden’s team thinks this is something to be lauded as a great achievement.

He gibbered about his infrastructure bill, the cost of which he can’t recall, so he just blurted out several numbers, hoping one would be correct:

Answers on a postcard as to what the hell he’s on about here:

At one point he claimed his grandfather was “an all American football player”:

He told Democratic candidate John Fetterman’s wife that she was going to be great in the Senate, which many pointed out was probably because she is basically the candidate in the wake of Fetterman’s own decline following a stroke.

A reporter asked Biden if other Democrats are making a mistake by saying they don’t want Biden to campaign for them, to which he replied with unintelligible nonsense.

“No. They’re by 16 there. I’ve already gone in for yet, and a lot more grass. Another 20 or so. I’m gonna be going,” Biden appeared to say.

The man is clearly declining cognitively as each week passes.


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