Airlines Adding Booking Options For ‘Non-Binary’ Genders

New trans-friendly standards being implemented

Image Credits: Robert Alexander/Getty Images.

Airlines will soon be adding booking options for customers who identify with genders other than male or female, including “unspecified” or “undisclosed.”

Airlines for America (A4A) shared the details of a new international standard for ‘non-binary’ passengers with CNN Travel.

“U.S. airlines value a culture of diversity and inclusion, both in the workplace and for our passengers, and we work hard each day to accommodate the needs of all travelers, while delivering a safe, secure and enjoyable flight experience,” A4A said in a statement.

The policy has reportedly been agreed upon by A4A and the International Air Transport Association, whose members include most major U.S. airlines, and is slated to go into effect on June 1, 2019.

Member airlines will handle implementation of the changes.

United Airlines recently announced their own rollout, tweeting, “In the coming weeks, customers will be able to select the gender with which they most closely identify during the booking process.”

Delta Airlines and America Airlines both told CNN they are working to enact the new policies, as well.

“As part of Delta’s ongoing efforts to accommodate the needs of diverse customers throughout our business, we are planning to offer a non-binary gender option during the booking process,” Delta said in a statement.

Dan Lyman:

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