Airport Says DHS Is Not Screening People Coming Into US From Coronavirus Stricken Italy Or South Korea

"Those countries are doing exit screenings.”

Image Credits: TIZIANA FABI/AFP via Getty Images.

A major airport in Atlanta has admitted that neither its own officials, nor the Department of Homeland Security are screening travellers arriving from Italy or South Korea, two countries where the coronavirus has hit the hardest outside of China.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia announced that while the CDC has demanded screening of passengers from China and Iran, no such screening is taking place for those coming in from Italy/South Korea, “because those countries are doing exit screenings.”

So, essentially, officials in the US are relying on the word of their foreign counterparts that sufficient screening is happening before people leave.

Italy was yesterday placed on complete lockdown after deaths increased by nearly 60 percent overnight. From today, the movement of Italy’s population of 60 million has been severely limited by the government there, with travel only being permitted for “urgent, verifiable work situations and emergencies or health reasons”.

In South Korea there are almost 8000 cases of infections.

On Friday, President Trump told the media that “The tests are all perfect”:

After analyzing various vectors the corona-virus has taken, and looking at the hysteria being amplified and promoted by the main stream media; Alex Jones has looked the events being covered up, including the wide open border and the lowering death rate and concluded that the deep state along with China have manufactured this crisis to try and bring down Trump. Fear is their weapon and once you see the light, you can not longer be controlled.