Alarming Video Exposes Ukrainian Military’s Assault on Civilian Structure

Establishment media hiding truth about Ukrainian war regime and America's involvement in murdering innocent citizens

Image Credits: youtube patrick lancaster.

Patrick Lancaster, an American military veteran and current frontline war journalist in Russian-controlled Ukrainian territory, filmed this week as a number of rockets landed around him and emergency crews responded to an earlier attack on a civilian Scientific Research Institute.

In what appears to be another war crime committed by the Zelensky regime against innocent Ukrainians, the research facility was severely damaged in the barrage.

The missiles being lobbed at the non-military facilities were allegedly U.S.-supplied HIMARS rockets and at least one woman was claimed to have been killed.

Like many of Lancaster’s reports, civilians he spoke with had no clue why their own country’s military launches bombs at their buildings and one woman said it wasn’t the first time this specific facility has been hit.

Western media refuses to acknowledge the disturbing acts of the Ukrainian military and many of its neo-Nazi brigades.

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