Alberta Chief Health Officer: “We’re Counting Sick People Who Decline Covid Tests as Covid-Positive”

So much for 'Trust the science.'

Image Credits: YouTube / Global News.

A chief Canadian health officer has proclaimed the province of Alberta will begin misreporting Covid numbers by counting all sick persons who refuse Covid tests as Covid positive.

The remarkable announcement, declaring infected numbers will henceforth simply be a projected estimate, came from Alberta Chief Health Officer Deena Hinshaw during a press conference last Thursday.

“…In some ways that is adding an additional layer of protection, because if individuals choose not to get tested for Covid, but are home with an illness, they’re now counted in the list as being part of that outbreak,” Hinshaw says.

“And so it’s less dependent on needing a test to be a part of identifying where there is an issue,” Hinshaw announced.

The fact this will cause Covid case counts to be artificially inflated – which will then justify additional lockdowns and Covid restrictions – was not lost on keen Twitter users, who took the declaration as an admission the government is lying to its citizens.

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