Alex Jones Breaks Down Infowars’ Latest Behind-The-Scene Moves To Survive The Globalist Assault

Find out what the Tip of the Spear outlet has in store.

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Alex Jones joined Harrison Smith on The American Journal Tuesday morning to break down exactly how important the times we are living in are for the future of humanity as a whole.

Speaking with Smith during Infowars‘ Alex Jones Was Right Emergency Broadcast, Jones told the audience how the company is vital to the anti-globalist movement growing worldwide.

“We’re calling this #AlexWasRight because people know I’ve been demonized, I’ve been targeted, I’ve been attacked as an archetype and a symbol of a populist,” he explained. “The establishment we now know, the CIA, the Justice Department – I told people years ago – was targeting us with surveillance and censorship controls that’s now in the Twitter Files. You notice they’re not releasing my Twitter files because it would be completely vindicating.”

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