Alex Jones Breaks Down the Truth About Bankruptcy Filing

Find out what's really going on from the man himself

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Alex Jones broke down the truth behind the MSM lies about his recent bankruptcy filing.

He described how the media spun his latest bankruptcy court ruling where a judge allowed his attorneys to proceed with lifting a stay put in place earlier this month so they can proceed to the appeals process.

However, mainstream media claimed the judge stripped Jones of bankruptcy protections and that the Sandy Hook families could begin collecting money from him.

“We are literally in a toe-to-toe battle on the verge of winning and all you’ve got to do is buy the products,” he told the audience Tuesday, explaining he’s under penalty of perjury admitting he’s got “no hidden accounts. There’s nothing in the Caymans there’s nothing on the moon. There’s nothing.”

He also implored listeners not to believe mainstream media lies that the company is going to shut down due to financial woes, saying it will stay afloat if Infowars brings in enough money to get past these court cases.