Alex Jones Bullhorns Trump from Battle Tank During Austin Visit to Apple HQ

Infowars host demands Trump confront Tim Cook on Chinese censorship

Infowars radio host Alex Jones arrived in his trusty freedom tank at the Apple headquarters in Austin ahead of Donald Trump’s visit, defending the president against the Democrat impeachment witch hunt.

President Trump is set to tour the Apple factory with CEO Tim Cook Wednesday afternoon to celebrate the company’s new domestic production expansion sites.

“Good God, it’s Alex jones,” exclaimed one surprised Austin protester on Twitter.

Jones used his bullhorn atop an armored personal carrier to criticize the Apple company over its inhumane sweatshop iPhone factories in China, yelling, “Apple is evil!”

“The Communist Chinese are censoring their people! President Trump should confront Tim Cook,” Jones yelled. “The left supports Communist China and their censorship! The left are authoritarian criminals who love Communist China!”

Watch a livestream of Jones protest below!

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