Alex Jones Delivers Speech Before Massive Crowd Chanting ‘Whose Streets? Our Streets’ And ‘F**k Antifa’

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Radio and talk show host Alex Jones delivered an impromptu speech as a makeshift block party formed in Washington, D.C. on Saturday night, following the successful and widely attended pro-Trump rallies that took place in the city earlier in the day.

After a contentious night, Alex Jones thanked the Proud Boys and others who patrolled the city streets, saying “God bless the Proud Boys, and all red blooded men and women, marching to take these streets back.”

At this point the crowd, which National File estimates numbered at least 500 at the time of the speech, began chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!”

At one point, Jones said “They know stealing the election is only going to blow up in the face,” and continued, “Freedom has only begun to fight.”

“We’re taking the streets back from those dirty, murdering, Antifa, communist cowards,” Jones added.

The crowd then began chanting, “F*ck Antifa.”

Alex Jones evokes the name of God and calls upon Jesus Christ to bless patriots’ efforts to save the republic, stop the steal, and protect Trump’s presidency.

“For every person here, there are thousands that are with you, and support you, and love you,” Jones said at another point. “The forces have evil have launched this attack because they’re losing, not because they’re winning.”

“This is just the start. Humanity’s awakening, we are winning the long war,” said Jones.

After the successful day, Jones and Owen Shroyer toasted humanity’s future, Shroyer raising a bottle of beer. The crowd began chanting “Alex Jones!”