Alex Jones Invades Hillary Clinton Rally in Armored Vehicle

Shouts "Epstein didn't kill himself!"

Alex Jones crashed a pro-Hillary Clinton rally in Austin, Texas in an armored tank while chanting “Epstein didn’t kill himself!”

Clinton took the stage at Riverbend Church to promote “The Book of Gusty Women” with her daughter Chelsea.

However, before the event, radio host Alex Jones rolled through the area in an armored tank and bombarded Clinton supporters with his firebrand rhetoric.

“Hillary Clinton’s political career is dead. President Trump is president, America is coming back from the dead,” said Jones through a bullhorn.

Jones also questioned the official explanation behind the death of Jeffrey Epstein as “suicide” by yelling, “Epstein didn’t kill himself!”

“Your God Hillary Clinton is a war criminal and is involved in child sex trafficking,” roared Jones.

“Lock him up!” chanted one Clinton supporter in response.

Meanwhile, another protester was escorted out of the event by security after yelling at Clinton.

Speculation surrounding whether Hillary will attempt a 3rd run for president remains lively, with a new poll finding that she would be second favorite amongst voters just behind Joe Biden.


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