Must See! Alex Jones Epic Captain Ahab Rant

Infowars will keep fighting the NWO until the last breath

Image Credits: Screenshot.

During his Monday transmission, Alex Jones went on an epic rant about how he feels like Captain Ahab from Moby Dick battling the globalists and going down with the whale.

“That’s Alex Jones, tied up to the side of the New World Order whale with a big giant harpoon that I’ve already got about three foot in and I’m trying to get to that heart,” he told the Infowars audience.

Jones continued, “But here’s the good news. Even if Moby goes down this time, there’s not just one boat on the surface, there’s ten thousand. So, even if I haven’t got him, I’ve wounded Moby and you’re gonna get him when he comes back up. And you see my dead corpse strapped to the side of him, just aim right at me with those harpoons. I’ll be a good target for ya, and I want to be that battle cry.”