Alex Jones LIVE With Michael Malice – WATCH THIS INTERVIEW

Jones lifts the lid on QAnon, Communism, Biden and more.

Image Credits: Video Screenshot.

American radio show host Alex Jones joins Michael this week for a discussion on whether or not the title of “conspiracy theorist” is flattering, the difference between President Obama’s pre-election stances and those he took once in office, & what actually happened during the Biden election.

Also – whether or not California should be expelled from the Union, the plethora of platforms that Alex is banned from, what the worst U.S. intelligence agency is and why, a historical breakdown of the trespasses perpetuated by the CIA, how communism infected Hollywood, whether or not the Bush family had a hand in 9/11, the ripple effects of QAnon and 4chan on the masses, Alex’s prior conflict with Megyn Kelly, the 2017 Las Vegas shooting and mysteries it left behind, the story behind Bohemian Grove and how Alex was able to infiltrate the premises, plus what he like least about the United States, and so much more!