Alex Jones Sandy Hook Trial: NYT Writer Issues Correction After Tweeting Fake News

Jones' attorney Norm Pattis called out NYT reporter

Image Credits: Joe Buglewicz / Stringer / Getty.

Following the early adjournment of the Friday Alex Jones Sandy Hook trial in Connecticut, a writer for the New York Times posted a false claim about Jones to her Twitter account before speaking with the Infowars founder’s lawyer and ultimately removing the false post.

Elizabeth Williamson, the NYT writer, incorrectly wrote “Jones could have testified today, but as his lawyer said in court this morning, he so badly damaged himself yesterday that he needs time away from the jury.”

Next, Williamson deleted her first remark and posted, “Folks, I’m going to delete this tweet after talking with @PattisNorm Jones’s lawyer, who raised it in the courtroom, tho not with me–I asked him afterward what’s wrong. He makes the accurate point that he did not SAY this, as I wrote here. I apologize for that error.”

Pattis read the tweet aloud in court on Friday, saying, “How anybody in their right mind could listen to these proceedings this morning and report that, much less Elizabeth Williamson of the New York Times. Why they have her covering this case when she wrote a piece…” before being cut off by Judge Bellis.

Tim Enlow, Jones’ lead security guard, captured a screenshot of the now-deleted Twitter message and posted it to Facebook, writing, “Once again the The New York Times is caught redhanded, lying and making up fake news.”

He continued, “New York Times Reporter Elizabeth Watson, who has been obsessively covering the Alex Jones/Sandy Hook story and wrote a book about it (sales of which were unimpressive to say the least), this morning tweeted the below tweet claiming that Alex Jones’s Lawyer said to the Court that Alex Jones ‘so badly damaged himself yesterday that he needs time away from the jury.’”

Enlow noted the false tweet “wasn’t some ‘misstatement,’” as “the entire tweet was completely fabricated,” and criticized the NYT reporter for retracting the message only after being contacted by Pattis.

Next, the Infowars security head slammed the NYT for many its role in “helping the Bush Administration convince Americans that there were WMD’s in Iraq.”

With the hundreds of thousands of humans who died due to the Iraq war, Enlow wrote that it’s “apparently okay for the New York Times” to lie us into a deadly conflict with “zero accountability” while “Mr. Jones should have to pay out millions and millions of dollars.”

“This is why American Corporate Media are in their final death throes. No one takes them seriously anymore and no one believes what they ‘report,’” he wrote.

Just as the NYT was not held accountable for helping the political establishment lie to the public regarding weapons of mass destruction twenty years ago, employees of the outlet still appear comfortable with disseminating false claims for political motives.