All-Ages Christmas Drag Show Grooming Kids Across The Nation – Graphic Images & Videos

This content is too disturbing for Instagram, but is acceptable for children?

Image Credits: tayler hansen.

Independent journalist Tayler Hansen documented a highly disturbing drag show event held in Austin, Texas on Wednesday where children were subjected to extreme sexual content.

The “A Drag Queen Christmas” tour is traveling across the country with these performers.

Warning! Graphic Material Ahead

The completely inappropriate routines included one performer named “Jimbo the Drag Clown” danced with his “tits in a box” as a song repeating those words blasted over the PA.

In “Screwdolph the Red Nippled Reindeer,” dancers depicted sexual acts multiple times while a video of a shirtless Santa Clause whipping a sleigh led by shirtless men played in the background.

Male dancers wore kink harnesses, and a drag queen allegedly talked to a child in the audience and complimented the mother for bringing them.

A performer called “Crystal Methyd” licked his peppermint candy breasts at the end of his dance routine.

Later, “Crystal Methyd” danced to a song called “S&M” and afterwords had a creepy conversation with children in the audience.

“Oh! A child. Hi! How are you? Oh, it’s another one,” he said as he collected dollar bills from the kids.

The drag queen continued, “Are you having fun, are you enjoying it, are you confused yet?”

Moving on, “Crystal Methyd” talked to a 10-year-old boy who said he’d been to more drag shows than he could count and watched Ru Paul with his family.

The host of the event told the crowd he’d slept with his father’s boss in his father’s office during a game of “naughty or naughty.”

A man in the crowd also shared a story about sleeping with a family member’s co-worker and made a sexual reference.

Another drag queen later talked with children in the crowd and praised the mother for bringing them.

According to Hansen, there were over twenty kids at the “all-ages” show.

The tip jar for the performers at the show also had a sexual innuendo written on it.

Scenes like this are why groups like Gays Against Groomers have been joining other Americans in speaking out against drag shows sexualizing children, sexual material in schools and similar issues.

According to the group’s Twitter page, Instagram took down Tayler Hansen’s post about this drag show and said it violated their “guidelines on nudity.”

Hansen has previously appeared on Infowars programs several times and was one of only a few people who witnessed the killing of Ashli Babbitt on January 6th, 2020 at the alleged “insurrection” at Capitol Hill.