Alleged Footage of Roadside Bomb Blast in Syria Emerges Online

Soldiers from a Turkish military convoy reportedly wounded

Image Credits: Anas ALmaarawi / twitter.

An explosive detonated on a highway in the Idlib region of Syria earlier in the day wounding soldiers from a Turkish military convoy, leaving some in critical condition.

Aerial footage, allegedly showing the moment of a roadside bomb blast in the Idlib region in Syria, has been shared on Twitter.

In the video, fumes of white and black smoke caused by the explosion are seen rising into the sky from what appears to be a warehouse situated on the roadside.

The targeted vehicle is seen pulled over nearby before it was enveloped by the smoke cloud. The camera also focused on people from the other side of the road who rushed towards the highway to see what had happened.

According to the Demiroren news agency, the vehicle was part of a Turkish military convoy.

While the media outlet reported that the incident left some of the soldiers wounded, including critically, there are no immediate information on the number of the injured or possible fatalities. No group has claimed responsibility for the blast so far.

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