Amazon Warehouse Conditions Drove Ex-Employee to Consider Suicide

Horrors of Amazon work environment coming to light

Image Credits: Pixabay.

A former Amazon employee claims the hostile working conditions in the warehouse where she worked drove her to consider suicide. She told her story to Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“I mentioned something about driving a car off Eagle Mountain Dam because I was worth more dead than I was alive,” Shannon Allen told Carlson. “That’s the kind of mindset they put you in, is you’re not important. What you’re giving to [Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos], his wealth, his Amazon winnings, that’s what’s important to him.

“Nobody should ever have to go to work and feel like … their job is in jeopardy or they’re going to lose their life or their job because of the pressure that’s put on you,” a visibly emotional Allen told Tucker.

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