AMC Kicks Family Out of Theater, Calls Cops Because Disabled Child Can’t Wear Mask

Image Credits: Facebook.

Alarming video out of a North Carolina AMC movie theater showed a family explaining to police why their disabled daughter is exempt from mask rules.

The incredible footage filmed inside a theater lobby in Jacksonville featured police blocking the family, who are all wearing masks, from entering the theater with their daughter, who is unmasked in a large baby stroller and unable to communicate verbally.

Evidently, more supporters of the family arrived after police were summoned by management, despite the child visibly having a condition that precludes her from mask policies.

Police ultimately told the family to leave, claiming they can’t force the theater to allow them in because they’re a private business.

More on the Dec. 27 incident from WNCT:

The initial investigation revealed that several individuals had gathered in the lobby of the theater to protest the fact that a patron was being requested to wear a face-covering per the AMC Corporate policy. The complaint alleged that a guest was being discriminated against due to a medical condition covered under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Officers said they spoke to all parties concerned and determined that the incident occurred on private property and that AMC had requested the guests leave the property who were not complying with AMC’s policy regarding face coverings, which AMC indicated was to comply with the requirements of the Governor’s Executive Order regarding face coverings.

There were no arrests or charges levied in this incident, and all protestors left the business on their own accord.

H/T: Todd Starnes

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