America Is Overthrowing The Globalist Coup: Powerful MUST-WATCH Steve Bannon Interview

Don't miss out on this historic discussion about how to save the nation from the grips of the global elite

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During Wednesday’s live transmission of “The Alex Jones Show,” political strategist Steve Bannon joined the program to discuss how We The People can overthrow the globalist coup that has replaced American sovereignty and destroyed the U.S. Constitution.

The “War Room With Steve Bannon” host told Jones that Donald Trump in a recent interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. during a recent Hillsdale College speech both called out the globalists running America into the ground.

“If you take those two, that’s what Alex Jones has been talking about for a decade. It’s like they went back and looked at your show notes,” Bannon said.

Later, Bannon suggested the Biden administration’s role in the Ukraine war could be used in an “impeachment” effort as America is clandestinely sending American troops to fight without Congressional approval.

The pair also explained the potential of a war between Taiwan and China dragging the U.S. into a global conflict is very high right now, thanks to the administration’s poor foreign policy decisions.

Bannon ended the conversation by pointing out Trump gave America four years of peace and prosperity during his presidency and said the fact he has declared the Deep State our nation’s number one enemy shows how serious the current cold civil war has become.

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