American Mother Who Lived in China Says She Misses State Bringing Up Her Children

Encourages western parents to embrace government interference in family life.

Image Credits: Loop Swim/Manuel Augusto Moreno via Getty Images.

An American fashion designer who raised her two daughters in Shanghai before returning to the US says she misses how her kids were ‘co-parented by the Chinese government’.

Yes, really.

49-year-old Heather Kaye and her husband arrived in the Communist country in 2005 and stayed there until last year, when they were forced to return to the US to escape China’s brutal COVID lockdown.

But far from feeling glad to be back, Kaye says she was sad to leave, describing Washington DC as a “culture shock” and lamenting the loss of the government’s direct intervention into family life.

In an article for the New York Times, Kaye celebrates how, “In China, government co-parenting begins in the womb,” adding that, “Chinese kindergarten lectured us on everything, including how many hours our daughters should sleep, what they should eat and their optimal weight.”

Kaye thanked the system for instilling discipline in her daughters from an early age, as well as “a total drive for academic excellence.”

“Each morning all of the students performed calisthenics in straight rows and raised China’s red flag while singing the national anthem,” she wrote.

“I learned to appreciate the strong sense of shared values and of people connected as a nation. Parenting, like governing, is an imperfect art,” said Kaye, encouraging Americans to surrender part of their child’s upbringing to the state in order to relieve the ‘burden’ on them.

She also praised how “heavy censorship” imposed by the state in the form of a limit on how long her daughters could play video games and a block on ‘harmful’ Internet content provided her with peace of mind.

Kaye is presumably somewhat confused as to the differences between Chinese authoritarianism and American authoritarianism.

Whereas government-run Chinese schools emphasize physical fitness, hard work and patriotism, American schools offer a very different form of education.

Whereas in China, loyalty to the Communist Party would have been encouraged, in American schools, loyalty to deranged, woke progressivism is the order of the day.

It’s very doubtful that Kaye’s children would have been exposed to CRT, books in libraries promoting LGBT, drag queen story time, as well as Black Lives Matter mantras about how their own country is an evil oppressor.

While children in China are undoubtedly subjected to brainwashing in schools, at least they’re not being taught that it’s normal to become a different gender, that being obese and unhealthy is acceptable, and that men can get pregnant.

You won’t find any of that in Shanghai, because the Chinese government, no matter how brutally authoritarian in other areas, at the very least doesn’t hate its own population.

Meanwhile, in America, it wouldn’t be surprising to see kids being made to perform loyalty oaths to rainbow-colored flags within a decade the way things are going.



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