American People Reject US Army’s Woke Recruitment Ads

Americans overwhelmingly downvote demoralizing military promos with a ratio as high as 20 to 1.

Image Credits: youTube.

Note from Alex Jones: All of America’s major national institutions are now under globalist control. These divisive, destructive ads are designed to do one thing: annihilate morale, and drive good men and women out of the armed services. Just as academia has been fully conquered by globalist propaganda, they now seek to conquer the final frontier: the armed services and police. Once they’ve taken over these key institutions, the enslavement of the American people and the fall of the West will be assured.

The US Army’s latest round of recruitment ads catering to Gen Z are being downvoted en masse, highlighting the American people’s outrage with the new “woke” messaging.

The “answer The Calling” ads, which focus on promoting “diversity” rather than producing a strong military force, are being roundly disliked by YouTube users.

The most downvoted video, “Emma,” features a girl raised by 2 moms who have a lesbian wedding, go to civil rights protests and “shatter stereotypes,” but the rest of the ads are also disproportionately disliked.

The Army’s ads come on the heels of new woke recruitment ads from the CIA, which also promoted “diversity” rather than being skillful in a particular field.

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