American Revolution 2.0: Citizens Organize Lockdown Protests Nationwide

March for freedom in all 50 states commences on May 1

Image Credits: ARIANA DREHSLER/AFP via Getty Images.


An independent citizen-based coalition is organizing nationwide protests against the government’s prolonged economic shutdown, claiming it’s becoming a bigger threat to the American way of life than the coronavirus pandemic itself.

Responsible Americans For The Constitution is organizing the “American Revolution 2.0” march for freedom on Friday May 1 across all 50 states to protest the unconstitutional actions and abuse of civil liberties by various governors and officials implementing overreaching coronavirus lockdown measures.

“All Governors must immediately remove all unconstitutional mandates and allow the people to once again be responsible for themselves. The government may assist in making recommendations and educating the public on how to better protect themselves, but that is it,” the group said in a press release.

“#WeThePeople are joining together throughout the Country to stand up with each other as United States Citizens to send this message loud and clear. Even if 49 States are released for these lockdowns before 5/1 they will continue to stand with the rest of their Countrymen against these crimes. The precedent must be set by ‘We The People’ that these draconian, tyrannical actions will never be accepted again.”

They also stated that participants are encouraged to exercise NIH-recommended safety precautions while demonstrating.

“We have been, and will continue to, spread the message that it is HIGHLY recommended that all in attendance practice social distancing of 6’ or more, everyone wear masks (with the shortage of masks still ongoing bandanas are an acceptable replacement), there should not be any Trump or MAGA gear. This is a non-political event and if you want to show your political support do it with an American flag. This fight and this message is about restoring the Constitutional Republic back to “We The People”. And, most importantly, this is a peaceful event!”

Responsible Americans For The Constitution’s Josh Ellis will join The War Room on Tuesday to provide more details about the May 1 event: