Americans Reject NYT Poll Calling For Twitter to Ban Infowars

Public overwhelmingly opposes censorship of Infowars

Image Credits: Sean Anderson / Flickr.

A New York Times poll asking if Infowars and Alex Jones should be banned from Twitter was met with staunch opposition as nearly 80 percent of respondents have said “No.”

“Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Apple have removed Alex Jones and InfoWars from their platforms. Should Twitter follow suit?” the NYT Opinion account tweeted with a corresponding poll.

Over 11,000 users have responded at the time of this writing, with 78 percent rejecting the proposal and only 14 percent supporting it.

Users have slammed the Times for encouraging more censorship from authoritarian tech giants, also citing the paper’s highly controversial hire of outspoken anti-white journalist Sarah Jeong to its editorial board as blatant hypocrisy.

“Your poll is not even to know if it was moral or not too coordinately de-platform him but just to know if this should go even further? Stay classy New York Times,” wrote a user in the most-liked reply, along with the hashtag “#Sarahjeong.”

“According to the New York Times, any speech that isn’t racist towards white people is hate speech,” responded one user in an obvious reference to Jeong.

“I would never have thought about listening or supporting Alex Jones, until today. This won’t end well for the leftists who support his deplatforming,” warned another user.

“Democracy dying in darkness,” replied one user, mocking the slogan of the Times’ confederates at the Washington Post.

Conservative activist Candace Owens was suspended from Twitter after she reproduced a selection of Jeong’s copious anti-white tweets, replacing the word “white” with “black” and “Jewish” in an experiment that stunningly exposed Big Tech’s indisputable bias in favor of social justice warriors and the left-wing agenda.

Twitter stock has nose dived in the last two months, dropping over 30% from a peak in mid-June.

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