Ann Coulter: Jeffrey Epstein ‘Probably Didn’t Kill Himself At All’

Billionaire pedo murdered to protect accomplices?

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter thinks that billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein didn’t commit suicide, but was likely murdered to protect powerful people.

“Man of honor, Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself to protect Ghislaine. In fact, he probably didn’t kill himself at all,” Coulter tweeted Saturday.

Coulter was one of the first people early on to point out the likelihood of Epstein’s death when he reportedly tried to hang himself in his jail cell weeks after his arrest in July.

“Dear Bureau of Prisons: Please get Jeffrey Epstein to a super Max prison pronto, or the people who want him dead will make sure we never know the truth. ACT NOW!” she tweeted.

In fact, Coulter believed Epstein’s death was all but inevitable because she believed he had “state sponsors” facilitating his blackmail operations using underage girls to entrap powerful people.

“Epstein according to both the girls accounts, he wanted them to have sex with powerful men, come back to him and report on it, describe what they wanted what their fetishes were and he had cameras throughout the house so this is obviously for blackmailing purposes,” Coulter said last month.

“It just seems to me something much bigger is behind this — perhaps a state sponsor — powerful enough people…it just seems to me there’s something a very powerful force behind what’s going on here and I am still nervous about this not coming to a conclusion, somehow this getting compromised,” she added.

Epstein’s death comes less than 24 hours after 2,000 pages of court documents were unsealed on Friday, revealing names of powerful figures accused of involving themselves with Epstein’s sex romps with underage girls, including Prince Andrew, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, and financier Glenn Dubin.