Another Alex Jones Court Response Goes Viral – Calls Judge A ‘Tyrant’ While On The Stand

Kangaroo court turned into a zoo during Thursday's wild trial

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A video of Infowars founder Alex Jones went viral Thursday after he delivered a feisty and quick-witted response to an opposing attorney during a Connecticut Sandy Hook trial.

Attempting to demonize Jones for criticizing the judge presiding over the case, plaintiff attorney Chris Mattei asked if Jones had called the judge a “tyrant.”

“Yes,” Jones answered with Mattei adding, “You actually use that word a lot with your audience, you call people tyrants don’t you?”

Jones quickly answered, “Only when they act like it.”

A meme edit of the encounter was posted online showing Joe Rogan and some of his UFC co-hosts as if they were reacting to the remark with extreme enthusiasm.

Another viral moment from Thursday’s trial came when Jones asked Mattei if they were engaged in a “struggle session” like in Communist China and called the lawyer an “ambulance chaser.”

A “struggle session,” or denunciation rally, was a public humiliation tactic used in China against political rivals during Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

Continuing, Jones explained he’s said he’s sorry to the Sandy Hook families several times before noting he’s not sorry for originally questioning oddities in the wake of the tragic school shooting.

Mainstream media is already running headlines intentionally misrepresenting what took place in order to make it seem as if Jones is now saying he is not sorry.

Jones went viral last month for a clip from a Texas Sandy Hook trial where he called out the Clinton family’s connection to deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The same Twitter user who created the “tyrant” meme, Damon Imani, also edited the Rogan reaction with Jones’ Epstein comment.

Expect more highlight moments from the Jones Sandy Hook trial as he takes the stand again on Friday.