Anti-Brexit Leftist Threatens to 'Execute' Breitbart Editor On Train

Woman says Farage, Trump at top of her hit list

Image Credits: Joe Giddens/PA Images via Getty Images.

A crazed female train passenger expressed her desire to “eradicate” Breitbart London’s editor-in-chief due to his support for Brexit, adding that Nigel Farage and President Trump were at the top of her ‘hit list.’

According to a detailed account of the incident posted to social media by Breitbart editor Raheem Kassam, a former Muslim and outspoken British anti-globalist, the woman became increasingly intoxicated and irate about the issue of Brexit during a train ride to Paris, eventually shouting at Kassam that she wished she was carrying her gun so that she could execute him.

Kassam explains that he was traveling with a colleague to Paris to deliver a speech at the Bobards D’Ors Awards, and was minding his own business despite frequent interruptions from a chatty female passenger sitting nearby, who was consuming alcohol.

Eventually, she pushed the issue of Brexit, of which Kassam is a staunch supporter and also a close friend of Brexit architect, Nigel Farage.

“But then, like clockwork, Brexit came up, and with over an hour to go until Paris, she promptly began to lose it, hollering at the top of her lungs about how ‘stupid’ Brexit was, and how ‘the racist rump of Britain’ should have left the decision to ‘intelligent people,'” Kassam writes. “After continuing to call me all sort of names, and appealing to others in the carriage to back her up, she finally declared, ‘You’re lucky I don’t have my gun.'”

“She said this a number of times, and I’ve no doubt she does indeed have a firearms licence in the UK, because she was telling us previously about her very nice sounding home, replete with chickens.”

“Finally, she told me she’d also like to execute Nigel Farage, and that President Trump would be the next on her hit list,” Kassam continues. “If I had said that to a Remain campaigner, I’d almost certainly be in prison already.”

The woman slung racial slurs at Kassam, denouncing him for being ‘foreign’ (he’s not) and thusly not having a valid opinion about UK politics – while also accusing him of being a “racist” and a “bigot” for not supporting open borders and endless immigration from the Third World.

As Kassam points out, if the roles had been reversed and he had been the antagonist, he would likely have been arrested, and international media would have used the incident to portray all who support Brexit, Trump, or Breitbart as homicidal, racist maniacs.

Kassam’s experience highlights the preposterous double-standards maintained by the left, but more importantly, it serves as another example of the danger posed by zealous adherents of the globalist-socialist agenda, whose behavior becomes evermore belligerent and violent as their empire crumbles.

Dan Lyman: