Anti-Cancer Properties of Silver Nanoparticles Revealed

Nanoparticles make excellent drug delivery platforms

Image Credits: VCG / Contributor / Getty.

Silver nanoparticles are made wholly or partly from metallic silver, exist in various shapes, and range 1–100 nm in diameter. Their small size and ability to induce cell death through multiple mechanisms makes them fantastic candidates for anti-cancer therapies.

Silver nanoparticles as chemotherapeutic agents

Silver nanoparticles are potent bactericides and chemotherapeutic agents. They can induce cell apoptosis through double-strand DNA breaks, oxidative stress, and chromosomal instability.

Although larger particles (~100 nm) tend to induce these effects more strongly than smaller particles (~10 nm), smaller particles are more cytotoxic, as they can enter the cell and localize to the nucleus easily.

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