Tens of Thousands Take to Streets in NYC Against Vaccine Mandates – Watch LIVE

Humanity is undergoing a Great Awakening and there's nothing the globalists and megacorporations can do to stop it!

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Alex Jones Show: World War 3 Has Already Begun & America Is Losing Because Our Leaders Have SOLD US OUT

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Viral Footage: Man in Thailand shakes uncontrollably in vax center as staff tells witnesses to calm down:

POWERFUL: Tens of thousands of NYC workers risk their careers by marching in protest of the city’s Covid vaccine mandate! Watch and share the following footage of the event that the mainstream media wants kept hidden!

Also, watch & share this sensational documentary by El Ride Productions that explores exactly how ‘Fake News’ shapes the world:

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The American Journal: Anti-Covid Vaxx Protesters March With BLM In Support Of NBA Star Who Refused The Jab

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WATCH: Black Lives Matter and Anti-Mandate Protesters Join to Rally for Kyrie Irving

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