Anti-immigration party wins Slovenia elections

'(Our) party puts Slovenia, Slovenians first,' Jansa said after preliminary results came out

Image Credits: Picserver .

An anti-immigration opposition party won Slovenia’s parliamentary election on Sunday, taking 25 percent of the vote, according to preliminary results.

However, the center-right Slovenia Democratic Party (SDS) of former prime minister Janez Jansa may struggle to pull together a government as its hardline stance on immigration has left it short of potential coalition partners.

Jansa acknowledged any post-election negotiations would be difficult. “We will probably have to wait for some time … before serious talks on a new government will be possible,” he told reporters after he cast his own vote.

Voters in a number of eastern members of the European Union – notably Hungary and Poland – have turned to parties which oppose the bloc’s plans under which countries would accept asylum seekers under a quota system.

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