Anti-Oil Activists Attack Van Gogh Oil Painting

Now oil paintings are bad because, oil, apparently

Image Credits: Martin Pope/Getty Images.

An anti-oil activist group tried to destroy a nearly priceless oil painting because, somehow, they think that’ll win them public favor.

The activist group threw tomato soup on Vincent Van Gogh’s 1888 paining ‘Sunflowers’ at London’s National Gallery on Friday, but, fortunately, only the frame suffered damage.

“The room was cleared of visitors and police were called,” the National Gallery stated. “Officers are now on the scene.”

“There is some minor damage to the frame but the painting is unharmed. Two people have been arrested.”

Given that the entire world economy relies on oil for energy – and oil is used for thousands of products and heavy machinery – this anti-oil movement would result in the breakdown of civilization to a neo-feudalism state, which, not surprisingly, is the actual goal of the Great Reset: to make the population poorer and less able to travel freely.

“Our entire prosperity, economic progress and economic system, and the whole communication system which allows us to visit each other in a completely different way than we did before, for example, are based on an economy with access to very efficient energy sources,” an economist once wrote for the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

“If oil disappeared tomorrow, that’s what would go – a society completely different from what it was in 1850 when we seriously began to exploit hydrocarbons. We’ve got so used to this that we don’t even think about it.”

In short, oil isn’t just used for travel, but it’s also used as a more efficient alternative to human labor, given all the heavy machinery running on oil that’s far more efficient than thousands of laborers.

Not to mention the thousands of products that are made using oil, such as medical equipment.

“Much of the medical equipment used today, many of which are life-saving devices, is made from oil,” writes the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers. “Not only are heart valves and artificial limbs made from petroleum, but also much of the cleaning and safety products medical personnel use.”

“Aspirins and other pharmaceuticals also contain petroleum.”

That’s not to say there isn’t an argument for the safe and effective use of oil, but to ban oil outright would simply further empower the world’s elite at the expense of the rest of the population, given how oil has led to the creation of a vibrant middle class.