Anti-Trump Challenger Loses Radio Syndication After Announcing 2020 Bid

Joe Walsh admits own audience won't support him

A new Republican presidential candidate says he lost his talk show after announcing his 2020 candidacy.

Single-term congressman Joe Walsh asserted his radio program had been canceled on Monday, just prior to an interview on CNN.

“I have a hard time believing that your audience will like the idea that you’re running against the president, so what has the impact been on your radio show?” asked CNN host John Berman.

“Eighty to 90% of my audience supports the president,” Walsh responded. “I just found out that I lost my national radio show, so that’s gone, but I figured that might happen.”

“I don’t know why,” Walsh said when asked if he knew why the show had been canceled. “I just got a notice before I came in the studio.”

“I oppose this president, most of my listeners support the president. It’s not an easy thing to do to be in conservative talk radio and oppose this president. I knew that when I made the announcement yesterday, that it could be in jeopardy.”

CBS reports that Salem Radio Network has indeed dropped Walsh from syndication, however, affiliates can opt to receive his show via a new syndicator “to be selected by Joe Walsh” after 30 days time.

“This announcement does not affect Joe Walsh’s local program airing on AM 560 The Answer in Chicago, however Walsh’s program will have to be removed as soon as he becomes a viable and legal candidate for President,” Salem explained in a statement.

In a tweet issued hours after his official announcement, Walsh echoed boilerplate attacks upon President Trump’s character that have been parroted by leftists and #NeverTrumpers since 2015.

“I’m running against a sexual predator, a serial liar, a malignant narcissist, an obstructer of justice, a psychopath, a betrayer of this nation’s interests, a bigot, an incompetent boob, a failed businessman… and I’m getting attacked for some offensive & inappropriate tweets,” Walsh tweeted in response to questions raised about his own ‘long history of incendiary statements.’

“I think we’re all a little bit racist. We’ve all said racist things,” Walsh told CNN when asked about past ‘racist’ comments. “I’ll bet if you and I went through everybody’s Twitter feed, we’re going to find things that are objectionable and offensive. I think we all have. I know when I look back at some of my Tweets over the years, because I was so outspoken, yeah, I’ve tweeted some racist things. On purpose? No.”

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