Anti-Trump Show Faces Backlash For Inciting Violence Against Conservatives

'It's time to punch a few Nazis'

Image Credits: @thegoodfight/Twitter.

UPDATE: CBS deleted the tweet and the video. A back-up version can be seen below.

An anti-Trump TV series is facing backlash after releasing a promo on social media inciting violence against “alt-right Nazis,” ie anybody right of Karl Marx.

The promo by anti-Trump CBS drama The Good Fight shows a character explaining against a backdrop of racially-charged rioting why violence is justified against others with a different political viewpoint, asserting that “it’s time to punch a few Nazis.”

“Is it alright to hit a Nazi unprovoked? I was always taught never to throw the first punch, never to instigate. Defend, but don’t attack. But then I saw a video of the white nationalist Richard Spencer being punched in the face during an interview,” said actor Nyambi Nyambi as investigator “Jay.”

“I realized Spencer was in a pressed suit, wearing a tie, being interviewed like his opinion mattered — like it should be considered part of the conversation, like neo-Nazism is just one political point of view. And then I realized there’s no better way to show some speech is not equal.”

Nyambi then says that some speech must be met with violence.

“Some speech requires a more visceral response. It’s like Overton’s window — that’s the term for which ideas are tolerated in public discourse. Well, Overton’s window doesn’t mean shit unless it comes with some enforcement. So yeah, this is enforcement. It’s time to punch a few Nazis.”

Many on social media were quick to call out the show’s blatant incitement of violence, with some even speculating that Twitter would do nothing about it.

Some users evoked the Clown World meme to highlight the irony of a supposed “anti-fascist” employing fascist tactics like violence to shut down free speech.

As we’ve reported, the rhetoric from the Left is compelling its base to commit more violent attacks against Trump supporters on an almost daily basis, which receives zero coverage from the mainstream media.

CBS has another anti-Trump show called “Madam Secretary,” which cameoed presidential loser Hillary Clinton and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright last year.


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