Antifa Gets Beat Down After Invading Suburbs – Video

"Nobody wants Antifa in the neighborhood, nobody wants them here."

Image Credits: Video screenshot.

An Antifa mob who invaded a suburb were pushed out by residents, leading to a ‘mosh pit’ fight with a neighbor pinning one down with an American flag.

While it’s unclear where this video was shot, it shows a group of citizens, including an old man in a wheelchair, who refuse to be intimidated by staying inside their homes while anti-white, anti-American thugs vandalize their neighborhood.

The video shows them driving the vermin out:

“Nobody wants Antifa in the neighborhood, nobody wants them here,” the cameraman says.

Once a brawl breaks out, one resident says “everybody, keep your hands off your weapons. Keep punching each other in the face, just don’t shoot anybody.”

At one point, a man uses his American flag hanging on a dowel rod to pin down one Antifa member reaching for something after someone declares “he’s got a big knife!”

Here’s some comments worth reading: